Reality Chain, Inc was formed in 2017 by virtual world and social games pioneer Thor Alexander.  Thor is a creative and technical executive with 20+ years of hands on experience in online game and consumer internet production. Thor was an early executive at Zynga and helped scale up the business from a scrappy startup to the largest tech IPO since Google. Prior to that Thor worked for Electronic Arts pioneering online games. He has two published books on the subject.

Keith Bullen joined in October of 2017 as Head of AR/VR.  Keith is a expert digital artisan and game designer with 25+ years experience crafting games. For the past 4 years he has been focused on developing AR/VR user interface studies as a consultant for Google. Keith has worked at Electronic Arts, 3DO and Zynga.

Investors and advisors include experts in VR, artificial intelligence, video games, real money gaming and high scale internet applications.

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